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Kate McLean Photography’s Blog is a representation of her latest works, travel blog series, and general musings. It’s a great place to keep up with Kate on a daily basis.

Kate McLean Photography, LLC is proudly based out of Orlando, Florida. Kate is a 9th generation native Floridian with a long line of family members in Florida’s citrus industry. She grew up helping to grow a large organic garden and climbing orange trees in her Grandparent’s back yard in the small town of Sebring, Florida. Her photography style is heavily influenced by her native Floridian status contrasted with her love of adventurous world travel.

She is an experience-focused photographer whose work is carefully crafted, beautifully refined and American-made. Kate has a love of an Americana style, but she’s always up for the next adventure with an insatiable wanderlust. Kate has experience as an international travel photographer and photographing destination weddings. She has had the opportunity to photograph in Israel, London, Germany, Monaco, France, Austria, Ireland, Holland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and in all four corners of the United States of America but she maintains that the best practice of photography is the intimate capture of a family in their happiest moments– no matter the location.



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