Kate is a Floridian coming from a family of citrus farmers. Her goal is to provide high quality candid portraiture and make the process simple and straight forward for her clients.

Kate McLean

Photographer, content creator, visual storyteller

Collaboration, building human-centered imagery & high level communication is the game-changer in Kate's photography practices. Strategizing with clients and reverse engineering their imagery needs empowers clients to control outcomes. Wearing many hats as an entrepreneur herself gives her a keen advantage to handling everything from large-scale multi-day corporate events and magazine shoots to large family reunions with 7 children under the age of 6. Through a unique brew of patience, practice and proper prior planning Kate continuously cultivates her craft to the highest degree.


Family / Family Photojournalism





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I am an experience focused photographer. Lifestyle imagery revolving around genuine expression is my style focus. My work is carefully crafted to reflect well upon my business and clients. I treat others as I would wish to be treated, including my past, present and future clients.

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