Kate is a Floridian coming from a family of citrus farmers. Her goal is to provide high quality candid portraiture and make the process simple and straight forward for her clients.

Why you should do Family Portraits at Home

Family Portraits at Home are truly a great way to do a shoot. While Orlando boasts some great outdoor locations for family shoots, there is a litany of reasons why doing your family shoot at home is just the best.

The photos you see were taken last week in Windemere, Florida in front of their beautiful home at the end of the day. We got them during our mini session together.

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1. Your Family Home becomes part of the memories

Besides family portraits at home being extremely easy for you and your family, it’s also nice to include the place where you and your family call home! It’s a big part of the memories for your kids to see their childhood home in photos.

2. There is no mad rush to get ready

I am kind of crazy about being on time (which means early) for my portrait sessions. I never want to make a family wait for me, but what usually happens is families are late to the shoot. This is something I budget for (15 minutes usually) and everyone always apologizes profusely, but I totally expect it! Getting shoes on, buckling into the car, remembering all the props and what not takes a lot of effort – but if you’re at home all those little things get so much easier.

3. Fur Babies!

People are so much more likely to include Fido if we are at home. I encourage everyone to include their four legged friends in family shoots (I mean, they’re family!) but it’s a lot of logistics to include them when you have to travel some where else. But if we are just at home and in the neighborhood, it’s so easy to run inside and grab them for a few shots.

4. A change of clothes is never far away

A huge part of my job is location scouting. That doesn’t just mean knowing what the light looks like at certain times of day, it also means knowing about parking and bathrooms. Kids need diaper changes, people want to do multiple outfits, someone may spit up on their new onesie — all of this means a place to change is ideal. If you have your own bathroom – even better!

5. Hair and makeup stays fresh.

Your hair and makeup can change very quickly in the Florida heat – so the less time spent traveling to the shoot means your hair and makeup looks fresh and perfect. It’s a really big bonus in the heat of the day.

The above shoot was done as a mini session last week at the end of the day. for booking email me Kate@KateMcLeanPhotography.com to inquire or fill out my contact form. I can help counsel you and your family through the process from picking the best time of day for your location to what to wear! Don’t hesitate to ask questions — that’s why I’m here!

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