Kate is a Floridian coming from a family of citrus farmers. Her goal is to provide high quality candid portraiture and make the process simple and straight forward for her clients.

Porch Portraits in Orlando Florida

I am now offering Porch Portraits in Orlando Florida that abide by the social distancing rules!

Anyone who has participated in one of my sessions can tell you that I tend to keep my distance when I do family photography. I like to step back and give a family room to feel comfortable while I get the shots I like. Keeping a distance of at least 6 feet will be a piece of cake for me and my big ol’ zoom lens. Don’t forget, you are more then welcome to include the fur babies in the shoot as well. They’re just as much part of the family and it’ll be easier to get them as part of the shot if we are at your home too.

My Porch Portraits in Orlando Florida does not mean every shot is going to be super wide! My big long zoom lens lets me get up close and personal while being very far away from my subjects — perfect for these times where social distancing is so important to the future of our community.

The current economy has hit my business very hard, and in an effort to stay ever so slightly ahead of the curve, I am offering these Porch Portraits to families at a huge discount of my normal pricing!

You don’t have to miss your family spring portraits because of what is going on. We can safely get you some adorable family photos, and as an added bonus – it’ll be a reason to get all gussied up! Just image how much easier it will be to merely walk right outside of your home, spend 10-15 minutes to get some shots, then walk right back in your house. It’s like the uber eats of family photography.

I am still here for counseling on wardrobes and to throw ideas around for props you may have at home to include in our little shoot. It’s a great time to take advantage of everyone’s schedule being clear, so gather up the family and meet me on the porch.

If you’d like to book, just email, call or text and we can get you on my wide open calendar ASAP. All my invoices can be paid electronically and getting the images back will take as little as 24 hours!

Email: Kate@KateMcLeanPhotography.com

Call or Text: 863-414-2616

For a glance at my regular sessions and prices if you’d like to book for a larger group later in the year, or purchase a gift card for someone (Mothers Day isn’t far off!!) Check out my pricing page here.