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10 Ways To Use Your Head Shot

10 Ways To Use Your Head Shot

I know I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: A great head shot goes a really long way!

The money spent on an updated head shot will not go to waste, and it can be the difference between landing a new client and losing one to the competition. In an era where every day we become a little more connected, a first impression is no longer made in person. It has become common practice for potential clients, employers, and even dates to google your name before they meet you in person. A professional head shot can help to get your foot in the door to create better professional relationships from the very beginning.

The uses for a head shot go far beyond your Facebook profile picture. I find clients using them in new and innovative ways to connect with the right people and stand out among the crowd.

1. Business Cards

Ever been to a networking event where you leave with a stack of business cards but can’t remember which name goes with which face? A professional head shot on a business card helps to make a lasting impression and expand your network in a very real way. It also reinforces your professional brand.

2. Resumes

On average a Resume is only looked at for 6 seconds! That is a pretty short amount of time to make an impression, and as they say a photograph is worth a thousand words! So, why not include a professional head shot to separate yourself from the pack?

3. Advertisements 

From magazines to billboards we are bombarded with advertisements constantly! If you’re spending hard earned money on different ads, you might as well use your face to help build your brand as well!

4. Google 

Like I mentioned before, everyone googles everything! I ALWAYS google someone before meeting them in person, and if they have a nice photo it’s always easier to spot them in a crowd and puts me more at ease when I shake their hand for the first time.

5. Email Signature 

I do plenty of business online. Sometimes I spend months emailing with someone before ever even meeting them. It really puts a personal touch on an email when there is a headshot included — Makes me feel like I’m talking to a human being and not just words on a screen.

6. Website 

This one feels like a given! When trying to find a service provider I generally browse their website. From my doctor to my hair stylist I like to know as much about them as I can before I commit to forming a relationship. A quick bio accompanied by a good picture goes really far on your website!

7. Company Directory 

Have you ever wandered through a big office building wondering if you’re going in the right direction? When you know the face you’re looking for it gives clients more confidence in sometimes overwhelming corporate offices.

8. Marketing Materials 

Building a brand isn’t just name recognition — it’s face recognition! How many people do you know that say they forget a name but can remember a face?

9. To Include for Press Releases 

If you’re announcing news, do it with your best face forward!

10. Available for Reporters who may do a profile on you 

You don’t want to get great news, such as a local publication is doing a story on you, only to scramble to find a good picture of yourself. Having one on hand is just another example of proper prior planning!

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