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Shopping: Travel Prints

I’ve traveled all over the world with my camera, yielding a stock pile of images. If you follow me on any social media you have probably seen me tell my stories of taking these images. I started sharing them after social media fatigue during an election year and got a great response from the general public.

After decorating my own home with these prints, I’ve decided to release a select number to the public purchase.

They make great gallery walls to feature in your home either in a main location or even just the little blank space in a hallway or stairwell. These prints also make great gifts to present to someone if a specific location means something to you but you missed getting a momento while visiting.

If you’d like help with arranging a gallery wall, I’ve created some packages (which include big discounts) of arrangements I think look best on a wall. The ordering feature also includes a mounting & framing option, canvases and my favorite way to display images which is the classic print starting at $5.

My travel work tends to feature easter eggs in the background like a funny sign, people, animals or something offbeat so take your time when looking through the gallery. I focus on people and culture of a place or things I find interesting about a specific area.

Additionally, if you just enjoy something a bit more abstract, my work also focuses on flowers quite often. I find the flowers in a location really mirror the place without being too literal of a photo. Natural flowers just always make me so happy I always end up taking images of them.

If you have any questions about ordering or need recommendations of image pairings please email me at

To enter the gallery for ordering, click the link below!

Shopping : Travel Prints, Banff Canada, Travel photography Pin

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