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Family Photography in Orlando at Marriott’s Grande Vista

Family Photography in Orlando at Marriott’s Grande Vista by Kate Mclean Photography

Family Vacations in Orlando are on their way back but I think it’s about time for a staycation and Family Photography in Orlando at Marriott’s Grande Vista. Disney is opening their doors to the public on July 15, 2020 and I can’t wait to get back to photographing happy families and giving them some tips on what to see while they’re in town.

This particular family was staying at the JW Marriott while they were on a Babymoon in Orlando – and while I LOVE the JW’s Florida styled peach colored walls, they wanted a more tropical vibe for their shoot. Nestled right next to the JW and Ritz in Orlando is this beautiful little spot called Marriot’s Grande Vista Resort. It is a tropical dream!

Mature Palm trees line the white pool, while the front of the hotel boasts a beautiful archway overlooking their custom fountain making for ideal Family Photography in Orlando at Marriott’s Grande Vista. The best part about this location? The lobby sits right in the middle of all the best photo spots, which gives a much-needed location to sit and rest in the Air conditioner between location changes.

While I love the big flashy resort properties, what my clients really want is a tropical vibe most of the time. I often advise people on where to get a beach look in Orlando – and Marriott’s Grande Vista hits the spot just right. It’s not cliche or over stated – it’s just a great location to get some lovely Family Photography in Orlando Florida.

I also suggest this location for anyone who wants to do a staycation. I know the idea of getting on a plane right now is hard for many people to wrap their head around – but luckily you don’t have to go far if you live in Orlando. Marriott’s Grande Vista is where I would go to do a Family staycation here in Orlando! You’re right next to some of the greatest dining in Orlando at the Ritz and JW, but you have a great family friendly vibe of a smaller resort. And while you’re there — Get your family photos done! I’ve even done summer shoots in the rain at this location and it worked out great.

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Family Photography in Orlando at Marriott's Grande Vista
Family Photography in Orlando at Marriott's Grande Vista
Family Photography in Orlando at Marriott's Grande Vista
Family Photography in Orlando at Marriott's Grande Vista
Family Photography in Orlando at Marriott's Grande Vista
Family Photography in Orlando at Marriott's Grande Vista
Family Photography in Orlando at Marriott's Grande Vista
Family Photography in Orlando at Marriott's Grande Vista
Family Photography in Orlando at Marriott's Grande Vista
Family Photography in Orlando at Marriott's Grande Vista
Family Photography in Orlando at Marriott's Grande Vista
Family Photography in Orlando at Marriott's Grande Vista
Family Photography in Orlando at Marriott's Grande Vista
Family Photography in Orlando at Marriott's Grande Vista
Family Photography in Orlando at Marriott's Grande Vista

Is Lake Nona the Best Place in Orlando for Portraits?

Lake Nona might be the best place in Orlando for portraits.

When I was in High school my dream job was being a location scout for movies. I thought it would be so fun to travel the world trying to find unique locations that would look good on camera. Now, as a photographer, I am kind of still doing that – just with still images. My latest discovery? Lake Nona, Florida for Portraits.

Orlando is a big city that is actually made of up of a bunch of other cities. There is Orlando proper – or what my friends and I lovingly call ‘the Island.’ The heart of Downtown and anywhere with a zero in the zip code makes up the island, but as soon as you have to get on a highway you’re leaving the Island. Then you have Winter Park, Baldwin Park, College Park, Audoban Park, Maitland, East Orlando, Windemere, Championsgate, The parks & their properties, Celebration and on and on and on….

I’ve photographed portraits ALL over this beautiful city of small cities. This past year I’ve been doing more and more photos out in Lake Nona & in addition to my portrait business (which is what you see on this website) I also shoot large events and corporate gatherings — Some of which are also out in Lake Nona. I’ve explored many properties in the Lake Nona area now, and I think Lake Nona is a secret gem of a location for photography.

WHY Is Lake Nona the Best Place in Orlando for Portraits?

Every part of Lake Nona is well manicured like the Disney properties but it has the benefit of privacy and exclusivity that is hard to come by in the Disney Properties. Additionally Lake Nona looks very “Florida” which might sound like a weird thing to say, but its a request I get — ALOT. People love palm trees & blue skies, and Lake Nona has both in abundance!

Another big bonus in Lake Nona is it has lots of wide open space. This is great for my style of photography (and also social distancing) but it also means parking is EASY AND FREE! Parking and valet fees are the secret hidden cost that can sneak up on you for you photoshoot – and I always warn my clients when parking is going to cost extra or be scarce — luckily Lake Nona’s chuck full of it.

I encourage you to venture out to Lake Nona and check it out for yourself. It’s got some great restaurants and really interesting parks. And if you know Lake Nona like the back of your hand — Let me know where I should go visit! I’m always looking to go to a new spot, even if it’s within my little big city!

If you know of a great place in Lake Nona I should check out, send me a email or DM me!

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IG: @Katemcleanphoto

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Lake Nona Family Photography
Lake Nona Family Photographer Father Daughter
Lake Nona Family portraits
Sisters Portraits in Lake Nona Florida
Sisters Portraits in Lake Nona Florida
Lake Nona Florida Family Photographer
Lake Nona Florida Family Photographer

Why you should do Family Portraits at Home

Family Portraits at Home are truly a great way to do a shoot. While Orlando boasts some great outdoor locations for family shoots, there is a litany of reasons why doing your family shoot at home is just the best.

The photos you see were taken last week in Windemere, Florida in front of their beautiful home at the end of the day. We got them during our mini session together.

Interested in booking? Visit my pricing page to see the options available to book a family shoot. Interested in a different type of photography? I also shoot events, weddings, corporate and headshots! For booking email me at or go to my contact page.

1. Your Family Home becomes part of the memories

Besides family portraits at home being extremely easy for you and your family, it’s also nice to include the place where you and your family call home! It’s a big part of the memories for your kids to see their childhood home in photos.

2. There is no mad rush to get ready

I am kind of crazy about being on time (which means early) for my portrait sessions. I never want to make a family wait for me, but what usually happens is families are late to the shoot. This is something I budget for (15 minutes usually) and everyone always apologizes profusely, but I totally expect it! Getting shoes on, buckling into the car, remembering all the props and what not takes a lot of effort – but if you’re at home all those little things get so much easier.

3. Fur Babies!

People are so much more likely to include Fido if we are at home. I encourage everyone to include their four legged friends in family shoots (I mean, they’re family!) but it’s a lot of logistics to include them when you have to travel some where else. But if we are just at home and in the neighborhood, it’s so easy to run inside and grab them for a few shots.

4. A change of clothes is never far away

A huge part of my job is location scouting. That doesn’t just mean knowing what the light looks like at certain times of day, it also means knowing about parking and bathrooms. Kids need diaper changes, people want to do multiple outfits, someone may spit up on their new onesie — all of this means a place to change is ideal. If you have your own bathroom – even better!

5. Hair and makeup stays fresh.

Your hair and makeup can change very quickly in the Florida heat – so the less time spent traveling to the shoot means your hair and makeup looks fresh and perfect. It’s a really big bonus in the heat of the day.

The above shoot was done as a mini session last week at the end of the day. for booking email me to inquire or fill out my contact form. I can help counsel you and your family through the process from picking the best time of day for your location to what to wear! Don’t hesitate to ask questions — that’s why I’m here!

Want to see more of my work? I’ve been named Orlando’s best family photographer and shot for multiple publications around town and all over the world. Check out my work on my portfolio and press tabs on the website.

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Porch Portraits in Orlando Florida

I am now offering Porch Portraits in Orlando Florida that abide by the social distancing rules!

Anyone who has participated in one of my sessions can tell you that I tend to keep my distance when I do family photography. I like to step back and give a family room to feel comfortable while I get the shots I like. Keeping a distance of at least 6 feet will be a piece of cake for me and my big ol’ zoom lens. Don’t forget, you are more then welcome to include the fur babies in the shoot as well. They’re just as much part of the family and it’ll be easier to get them as part of the shot if we are at your home too.

My Porch Portraits in Orlando Florida does not mean every shot is going to be super wide! My big long zoom lens lets me get up close and personal while being very far away from my subjects — perfect for these times where social distancing is so important to the future of our community.

The current economy has hit my business very hard, and in an effort to stay ever so slightly ahead of the curve, I am offering these Porch Portraits to families at a huge discount of my normal pricing!

You don’t have to miss your family spring portraits because of what is going on. We can safely get you some adorable family photos, and as an added bonus – it’ll be a reason to get all gussied up! Just image how much easier it will be to merely walk right outside of your home, spend 10-15 minutes to get some shots, then walk right back in your house. It’s like the uber eats of family photography.

I am still here for counseling on wardrobes and to throw ideas around for props you may have at home to include in our little shoot. It’s a great time to take advantage of everyone’s schedule being clear, so gather up the family and meet me on the porch.

If you’d like to book, just email, call or text and we can get you on my wide open calendar ASAP. All my invoices can be paid electronically and getting the images back will take as little as 24 hours!


Call or Text: 863-414-2616

For a glance at my regular sessions and prices if you’d like to book for a larger group later in the year, or purchase a gift card for someone (Mothers Day isn’t far off!!) Check out my pricing page here.

Shift in Focus.

A few short weeks ago the word commodity was a designation for copper or water; Now it’s synonymous with toilet paper & hand sanitizer. This shift in focus comes via COVID19, the catalyst for this cultural & economic shift in the world, is like an invisible villain. How does one do battle with an unseeable poison wreaking havoc on every aspect of life?

I’d rather study history than live through it.

The everyday of the situation for most, in reality, is not that terrible. Don’t go anywhere, wash your hands, prepare. The looming future punctuated with a giant hairy question mark has been the ringmaster of torture; Parading my brain through a circus of stress and clown-like terror every time I read anything written in the year 2020. As I focus on the media and my business’s future the dark edges seem to creep in.

Idle hands make fretful minds.

In the face of a situation in which I wield no power, I find myself clamoring to keep my hands busy. Cooking, old crochet projects, my camera and dog are going help me fight the unseen COVID19 monster. The mountain of projects grow as each update pours out of the social media monster to which I seem to be glued. From baking to learning and everything in between the growing list will soon morph into a new monster if not properly managed.

Shifting Focus.

This blog is usually happy families in beautiful resorts but with the imperceptible black magic of COVID19 it’s not anymore. It will be an outlet for me. Recipes I try (and inevitably fail at), empty locations around town frozen in time, projects and everything in between.

To start, I wanted to do a little photo essay on COVID19 and the signs of shift within my own bubble. These little commodities lying around that bring a duality of comfort & discomfort with reality.

And of course Penny. Because she’s the cutest and every super hero needs a sidekick. (She’s the hero, I’m the sidekick.)

COVID19 Crochet projects, hand soap

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Also, shout out to Mrs. Meyer’s cleaning products. I love their Basil scent!