Kate is a Floridian coming from a family of citrus farmers. Her goal is to provide high quality candid portraiture and make the process simple and straight forward for her clients.

Is Lake Nona the Best Place in Orlando for Portraits?

Lake Nona might be the best place in Orlando for portraits.

When I was in High school my dream job was being a location scout for movies. I thought it would be so fun to travel the world trying to find unique locations that would look good on camera. Now, as a photographer, I am kind of still doing that – just with still images. My latest discovery? Lake Nona, Florida for Portraits.

Orlando is a big city that is actually made of up of a bunch of other cities. There is Orlando proper – or what my friends and I lovingly call ‘the Island.’ The heart of Downtown and anywhere with a zero in the zip code makes up the island, but as soon as you have to get on a highway you’re leaving the Island. Then you have Winter Park, Baldwin Park, College Park, Audoban Park, Maitland, East Orlando, Windemere, Championsgate, The parks & their properties, Celebration and on and on and on….

I’ve photographed portraits ALL over this beautiful city of small cities. This past year I’ve been doing more and more photos out in Lake Nona & in addition to my portrait business (which is what you see on this website) I also shoot large events and corporate gatherings — Some of which are also out in Lake Nona. I’ve explored many properties in the Lake Nona area now, and I think Lake Nona is a secret gem of a location for photography.

WHY Is Lake Nona the Best Place in Orlando for Portraits?

Every part of Lake Nona is well manicured like the Disney properties but it has the benefit of privacy and exclusivity that is hard to come by in the Disney Properties. Additionally Lake Nona looks very “Florida” which might sound like a weird thing to say, but its a request I get — ALOT. People love palm trees & blue skies, and Lake Nona has both in abundance!

Another big bonus in Lake Nona is it has lots of wide open space. This is great for my style of photography (and also social distancing) but it also means parking is EASY AND FREE! Parking and valet fees are the secret hidden cost that can sneak up on you for you photoshoot – and I always warn my clients when parking is going to cost extra or be scarce — luckily Lake Nona’s chuck full of it.

I encourage you to venture out to Lake Nona and check it out for yourself. It’s got some great restaurants and really interesting parks. And if you know Lake Nona like the back of your hand — Let me know where I should go visit! I’m always looking to go to a new spot, even if it’s within my little big city!

If you know of a great place in Lake Nona I should check out, send me a email or DM me!

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Lake Nona Family Photographer Father Daughter
Lake Nona Family portraits
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Sisters Portraits in Lake Nona Florida
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Lake Nona Florida Family Photographer