Kate is a Floridian coming from a family of citrus farmers. Her goal is to provide high quality candid portraiture and make the process simple and straight forward for her clients.

Shift in Focus.

A few short weeks ago the word commodity was a designation for copper or water; Now it’s synonymous with toilet paper & hand sanitizer. This shift in focus comes via COVID19, the catalyst for this cultural & economic shift in the world, is like an invisible villain. How does one do battle with an unseeable poison wreaking havoc on every aspect of life?

I’d rather study history than live through it.

The everyday of the situation for most, in reality, is not that terrible. Don’t go anywhere, wash your hands, prepare. The looming future punctuated with a giant hairy question mark has been the ringmaster of torture; Parading my brain through a circus of stress and clown-like terror every time I read anything written in the year 2020. As I focus on the media and my business’s future the dark edges seem to creep in.

Idle hands make fretful minds.

In the face of a situation in which I wield no power, I find myself clamoring to keep my hands busy. Cooking, old crochet projects, my camera and dog are going help me fight the unseen COVID19 monster. The mountain of projects grow as each update pours out of the social media monster to which I seem to be glued. From baking to learning and everything in between the growing list will soon morph into a new monster if not properly managed.

Shifting Focus.

This blog is usually happy families in beautiful resorts but with the imperceptible black magic of COVID19 it’s not anymore. It will be an outlet for me. Recipes I try (and inevitably fail at), empty locations around town frozen in time, projects and everything in between.

To start, I wanted to do a little photo essay on COVID19 and the signs of shift within my own bubble. These little commodities lying around that bring a duality of comfort & discomfort with reality.

And of course Penny. Because she’s the cutest and every super hero needs a sidekick. (She’s the hero, I’m the sidekick.)

COVID19 Crochet projects, hand soap

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Also, shout out to Mrs. Meyer’s cleaning products. I love their Basil scent!