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Location ideas in Orlando for Family Photography

Location ideas in Orlando for Family Photography

Because we are on the brink of family photography season – I’d love to share location ideas in Orlando for Family Photography Sessions!

When clients come to me looking for a session, one of my first questions is “Where?” The location of your family photography shoot can change almost everything about the shoot! The amount of time, the price, what you wear, the final outcome, if you bring your pet or not and so on. Location is always a really big questions to ask when planning your shoot and communicating with your photographer. I like to start with asking clients what they’re looking to achieve and go from there. Luckily – Orlando, Florida is absolutely brimming with FANTASTIC locations for all different kinds of Family Photography shoots and looks. Here is a list of some of my favorite Family Photography locations to consider in the Orlando area.

1. Hotel Properties

If Orlando is known for anything – we are know for our Family Vacations! Orlando is internationally recognizable as the home of The Mouse and with that comes a slew of absolutely STUNNING hotel properties. It is a good idea to clear it with the hotel before planning your photoshoot on their property, but there are some really great opportunities for all different kinds of backdrops. I would even suggest making the most of your photoshoot and planning a simultaneous staycation if you live in the area! The properties don’t only offer a great Family Photography Locations – but also great activities for the kids and some pretty stellar restaurants! Some of my favorites include Disney’s Grand Floridian, The Ritz-Carlton Grande Lakes, Portofino Bay, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge, and of course Disney’s Old Key West Resort where I recently photographed the family you see below!

Location ideas for family portraits in Orlando Florida



2. Local Parks

This one is kind of a photographer g0-to for photography – which makes it a no brainer for our list! Us photographers are always looking for good outdoor locations for photography. Our requirements are usually somewhere with good parking, lots of shade, and a unique look. We are CONSTANTLY looking for new and unique places to shoot outdoors. It’s important that you find something unique, as there are some areas of town that you can walk in and there will be upwards of 10 photography sessions going on. I prefer a more private outdoor location so I can interact with the Family during our session without worrying about them caring about being goofy. My favorite outdoor parks in the Orlando area for photography sessions include Dickson Azalea Park, Cypress Grove Estate House, Rollins Campus and Leu Gardens, where the shot below was taken.


Location ideas for Family Photography sessions in Orlando Florida


3. Plan an Activity

I am a huge fan of incorporating an actual ACTIVITY into your photoshoot and planning around that activity. If you’re looking to capture a more organic feel, as well as candids plus posed shots – consider planning your location around particular activities rather then just a backdrop. Some great ideas for photoshoot activities are a picnic, getting some ice cream with a little one (remember – they WILL get it all over them, so don’t plan on taking a clean baby home afterwords!) going to the beach, or exploring a new activity with a little one. Taking the location concept and thinking about an activity you can do instead of just a location is great way to keep everyone interested in the shoot and having a good time rather then forcing the whole family to do a family photoshoot they just plain DREAD. Don’t be afraid to collaborate with your photographer and come up with some good activity ideas. I promise you’ll get some great shots but also make awesome family memories. Some great activities to plan your family photography session around include The Lake Eola Farmers Market, A trip to a petting zoo or horse farm like Horse Power Ranch, or a trip to the beach!

4. Your Home

I ADORE doing family photos in their home. I even have an entire concept based around this called Day in The Life Sessions – where I take photojournalism into your home and create some thoughtful artistic images of your everyday routine!  It forces me to be creative while also documenting them in their own environment. Your home can be a great backdrop for family photography sessions if you have really young children, or if you have a grandparent who doesn’t have the best mobility. Doing your session at your house can take a ton of pressure off of you and the timeline of the shoot. I do recommend tidying up your home — including your bedroom! A great spot for family photos is usually everyone piling onto the bed in the master bedroom, so make sure you tidy things up in your room. You do have to consider you are letting a stranger into your home, but if you’re open to it – I highly suggest it! I love the fact that families are in their natural environment – it really makes for some great relaxed images that will last a lifetime. Some of my favorite sessions have been in family homes. Like this one at a grandparent’s house, and a more recent one of little Mae you see below!


Orlando family photographer central florida in home infant session


Those are just a few of my location ideas around the Orlando area – but I have gone as far as to find an old plane just for a photo shoot! So if the suggestions here aren’t getting your creative juices moving in regards to your upcoming Family Photography session, consider talking it over with your photographer. Firstly we are going to want to know what kind of images you’re looking for and from there we can help formulate some options for you. Take a look at your photographer’s portfolio and don’t be afraid to ask questions about where each session took place. Most photographers are an open book when it comes to our shooting locations – and we are always looking for creative and fun places to shoot. Most of us have a “wish list” of locations we want to shoot at. Don’t be afraid to talk to your photographer! It’s what you’re paying for!


If you want to schedule a session today you can do so on our online booking! We will work out location details later. Or if you’d like, inquire through our contact form and I will get back to you as soon as I can! I am also running a discounted price on our Documentary Photography sessions in order to build my portfolio and skill set. Contact me for more info.

Location ideas Orlando Family Photography