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The Buy Buy Bicycle Print Sale!

The Buy Buy Bicycle Print Sale!

Today, someone stole my bicycle from the front of my house.

After I made this discovery — I got to thinking, I have a few good photographs of bicycles from my travels (mainly Amsterdam) – So rather then wallow in pity over the loss of my beloved two-wheeled friend, I decided to do a sale on my bicycle prints with all proceeds going to the purchase of a new bicycle!

Purchases can be made directly through the gallery and includes the cost of shipping.

May my misfortune lead to a new piece of Art in your home. 🙂

5 x 7 – $12.00

 8 x 10- $24.00

11 x 14 – $62.00

To make your purchase please click the following link:

Yes Kate, I love you and want to help balance out karma. 

Thanx so much everyone I really appreciate ya!




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