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I am now offering Porch Portraits in Orlando Florida that abide by the social distancing rules!

Anyone who has participated in one of my sessions can tell you that I tend to keep my distance when I do family photography. I like to step back and give a family room to feel comfortable while I get the shots I like. Keeping a distance of at least 6 feet will be a piece of cake for me and my big ol’ zoom lens. Don’t forget, you are more then welcome to include the fur babies in the shoot as well. They’re just as much part of the family and it’ll be easier to get them as part of the shot if we are at your home too.

My Porch Portraits in Orlando Florida does not mean every shot is going to be super wide! My big long zoom lens lets me get up close and personal while being very far away from my subjects — perfect for these times where social distancing is so important to the future of our community.

The current economy has hit my business very hard, and in an effort to stay ever so slightly ahead of the curve, I am offering these Porch Portraits to families at a huge discount of my normal pricing!

You don’t have to miss your family spring portraits because of what is going on. We can safely get you some adorable family photos, and as an added bonus – it’ll be a reason to get all gussied up! Just image how much easier it will be to merely walk right outside of your home, spend 10-15 minutes to get some shots, then walk right back in your house. It’s like the uber eats of family photography.

I am still here for counseling on wardrobes and to throw ideas around for props you may have at home to include in our little shoot. It’s a great time to take advantage of everyone’s schedule being clear, so gather up the family and meet me on the porch.

If you’d like to book, just email, call or text and we can get you on my wide open calendar ASAP. All my invoices can be paid electronically and getting the images back will take as little as 24 hours!


Call or Text: 863-414-2616

For a glance at my regular sessions and prices if you’d like to book for a larger group later in the year, or purchase a gift card for someone (Mothers Day isn’t far off!!) Check out my pricing page here.

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A few short weeks ago the word commodity was a designation for copper or water; Now it’s synonymous with toilet paper & hand sanitizer. This shift in focus comes via COVID19, the catalyst for this cultural & economic shift in the world, is like an invisible villain. How does one do battle with an unseeable poison wreaking havoc on every aspect of life?

I’d rather study history than live through it.

The everyday of the situation for most, in reality, is not that terrible. Don’t go anywhere, wash your hands, prepare. The looming future punctuated with a giant hairy question mark has been the ringmaster of torture; Parading my brain through a circus of stress and clown-like terror every time I read anything written in the year 2020. As I focus on the media and my business’s future the dark edges seem to creep in.

Idle hands make fretful minds.

In the face of a situation in which I wield no power, I find myself clamoring to keep my hands busy. Cooking, old crochet projects, my camera and dog are going help me fight the unseen COVID19 monster. The mountain of projects grow as each update pours out of the social media monster to which I seem to be glued. From baking to learning and everything in between the growing list will soon morph into a new monster if not properly managed.

Shifting Focus.

This blog is usually happy families in beautiful resorts but with the imperceptible black magic of COVID19 it’s not anymore. It will be an outlet for me. Recipes I try (and inevitably fail at), empty locations around town frozen in time, projects and everything in between.

To start, I wanted to do a little photo essay on COVID19 and the signs of shift within my own bubble. These little commodities lying around that bring a duality of comfort & discomfort with reality.

And of course Penny. Because she’s the cutest and every super hero needs a sidekick. (She’s the hero, I’m the sidekick.)

COVID19 Crochet projects, hand soapPin

Want to see my real portfolio? Click here.

Also, shout out to Mrs. Meyer’s cleaning products. I love their Basil scent!

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It’s always a pleasure to do a Family Photoshoot at Margaritaville Resort Orlando, and this one was no exception. Every Family Photoshoot that I do includes a little how-to guide and visual examples to help them put together what to wear (If you’d like that info just email me). These guys came to the shoot totally prepared – and looking extra formal fresh!

With their tux’s and chuck tailors – they had the perfect mix of fresh and formal. The tropical setting and bright airy colors really contrasted perfectly with their look – making for a great family photoshoot!

While I edited these images from the photoshoot at Margaritaville Resort Orlando I had a big smile on my face the whole time. All the great moments between two brothers and their dad just melted my heart. Additionally, you really can’t beat the Margaritaville Resort location for family photography! The big windows provide tons of sunlight in the beautiful lobby and the brightly colored walls of the bungalows are adorable for a Family Photoshoot at Margaritaville Resort Orlando.

We had fun walking through the resort, and I admittedly felt underdressed next to this handsome GQ worthy group. The boys were cuddly and happy to give each other big prolonged hugs that admittedly turned into a sort of happy wrestling match. They told me all about their adventures around town – including Epcot and riding in their convertible mustang rental which they really enjoyed. They even made it all the way to the fireworks show at Epcot, not an easy task for the youngsters but well worth it!

While Jimmy Buffett is known for his casual style, these guys proved that there is no such thing as overdressed – even down at Margaritaville!

Want to learn more about my shoots? Check out my pricing page.

Check out my portfolio here.

Family Photoshoot at Margaritaville Resort Orlando Kate Mclean photography stairs lobby Pin
Family Photoshoot at Margaritaville Resort Orlando father son photos Pin
Family Photoshoot at Margaritaville Resort Orlando Kate Mclean photography Pin
Family Photoshoot at Margaritaville Resort Orlando award winning family photographer Pin
Family Photoshoot at Margaritaville Resort Orlando Kate Mclean photography Pin
Family Photoshoot at Margaritaville Resort Orlando boys hugging Pin
Father Son Photos Tuxedos Family Photoshoot at Margaritaville Resort Orlando  Pin
Family Photoshoot at Margaritaville Resort Orlando Yellow wall behind two boys
Boys and Dad Family photoshootPin
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Fall Mini Sessions in Orlando Florida with set built, styled and designed by Kate Mclean Photography.

Fall is here – which means in Florida we dye our hair dark, throw on some boots, grab a pumpkin-spice-whatever and start pretending the season has changed! Our lush green tropical landscapes and mild temperatures means leaves don’t change, but the spirit of fall is never far from our hearts. The difference between summer and fall here in the sunshine state may only be a few degrees, but we welcome it with open arms and all the outdoor activities we can cram in – including Fall Mini Sessions in Orlando, Florida.

In the spirit of Florida fall, I leaned all the way in and designed a little set for Seasonal Mini Sessions. From staining and building the Pumpkin stand (Power tools are ridiculously fun by the way!) to styling the color palette and hand making the tassels – it’s all custom built and put together to create the perfect look for Fall – idea for your holiday cards & gifts for the holiday season!

This little set is ideal for young kids and pets – and if you really want to ramp up the holiday look, throw in a costume or two! The set will be available through the Fall Season, all you have to do is request it!

And if you love this look – I will be doing a whole Mini session series this year with sets just like this one for Winter & New Years! I can’t wait for the New Years look – it’ll be an excuse to wear your black tie wardrobe and throw all the glitter around! So fun!

If you’re interested in booking you can click the contact form above and just mention that you’re interested in the Fall Mini Session in Orlando Florida. I have a style guide specifically for the event that is included in your quote and I would love to help you get an adorable card for the holidays.

Photos taken at Dickson Azalea Park in Downtown Orlando

Email for bookings and inquiries!

Pricing can be found at our pricing page Here.


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Family Photography in Celebration, Florida by Kate Mclean Photography

Celebration, Florida is an ideal place for your family photography session especially if you’re vacationing here in the lovely Orlando Florida. This family proved that with this stylish and fun shoot which took place near the end of the day in Downtown Celebration.

Our shoot was relaxed and we were able to utilize everything from the park surrounding a lake to the treelined streets and beautiful brightly colored walls. This location is one of my favorites as it is close to many Orlando Resorts and has close by free parking, shopping, restaurants and is relatively private for most of the shoot. Family Photography in Celebration Florida always has everyone excited to spend time in the beautifully curated area that is only a little ways from the resorts of Disney area of Orlando.

If you’re looking for an ideal location in Orlando for a family photoshoot, Celebration is always on my list of suggestions. I’ve had many great shoots there, and this one is no exception to the rule!

One of the best parts of doing family photos in Celebration, Florida is the room to run! I love letting kids be unrestrained, and the locations provides plenty of room to safely roam free. This makes sure I get those genuine facial expressions that are central to my photography style.

When I give examples for this location to my clients they nearly always pick it for a number of reasons: It’s not a far drive, they can plan other activities while in the location, and the images that result from Family Photography in Celebration Florida are stunning!

If you’re interested in booking a shoot in Celebration with me, I suggest you do so soon! My books are filling up quickly with the coming season and to really utilize this location I always suggest a full hour long session. This location is great in both AM and PM slots on my schedule and with the weather change the PM slot is especially sought after.

Visit my contact page or just email me with your date and number in your party for a quote today!


Family Photography in Celebration Florida lifestyle imagery by Kate Mclean Photography Pin
Family Photography in Celebration Florida with Fountain background by Kate Mclean Photography Pin
Mother and daughter family photo with orange background in Celebration Orlando by Kate Mclean Photography Pin
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